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Daniel Otevrel

Born in Augsburg in 1967, he received his ballet training at ballet school of his parents,
Libuse Illeova Otevrel and Bretislav Otevrel, at the Heinz-Bosl Stiftung
in Munich under Konstanze Vernon and at the Academie de Danse Classique de
Princess Grace in Monte Carlo under the directorship of Marika Besobrasova.
Heʻs a winner of several national and international ballet competitions.
His professional career began in 1986 at Basel Ballet under the directorship of
Heinz Spoerli. After he danced as a soloist with the Miami City Ballet (director: Edward
Villella) in Florida, The Joffrey Ballet (Director: Gerald Arpino) in New York, the
Twyla Tharp Dance Company (directors: Twyla tharp and Mikhail Baryshnikov), the
American Ballet Theater (director: Kevin McKenzie) in New York, the Bern Ballet (director:
Martin Schläpfer) in Switzerland and the ballet of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein (director:
Youri Vamos) in Düsseldorf / Germany. He ended his career as a soloist with the English
National Ballet (director: Derek Dean) in London.
He danced in all the major classical and neoclassical ballets. During his career he worked
with famous choreographers and teachers such as P. Apple, M. Black, W. Burman, D.
Cartier, N. Christie, M. Ek, N. Duato, D. Howard, N. Makarova, H. van Manen,
M. Schläpfer, Y. Vamos, E. Villella and D. Wall just to name a few.
After his studies for ballet education with Ursula Bormann he started his career as a
teacher for the Theater Augsburg, guest teacher for the Semperoper Dresden, the Opera
House in Halle/Saale, the Opera House of Braunschweig, the Ballet Würzburg and the
Kumamoto Ballet Theatre in Kumamoto Japan. He worked as a full time ballet master with
Pierre Wyss at the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe and with the season 2005/06 he
became the ballet master of the Leipzig Ballet under the direction of Paul Chalmer at the
Oper Leipzig where in August 2009 he was promoted to First Ballet Master. The same year
he staged Uwe Scholzʻs ballet Second Symphony Schumann for the National Ballet of
Estonia in Tallinn. As the ballet master of the Leipzig Ballet he was in charge of ballets by
G. Balanchine, M. Bigonzetti, P. Chalmer, J. Cranko, K. McMillan, U. Scholz and G. Tetley.
During his time with the Leipzig Ballet he has been invited as a guest teacher to several
companies and schools such as the Royal Dance Conservatory of Mariemma in Madrid,
the Donlon Dance Company at the State Theatre in Saarbrücken, the Kumamoto Ballet
Theatre (director: Seiko Ban) in Kumamoto / Japan and the National Ballet of Estonia in
Tallinn just to name a few.
Between 2010 and 2013 he worked as a freelance ballet master and guest teacher for the
several companies.
Since August 2013 he is full time ballet master of the National Ballet of Estonia (director:
Tomas Edur) in Tallinn / Estonia where heʻs in charge with ballets by J. Cranko, T. Edur, M.
Goecke, H. van Manen and W. McGregor. Parallel to his position with the National Ballet of
Estonia he continues to work as a guest teacher, ballet master and choreographer
assistent. He has been invited by Architanz in Tokyo / Japan, the Czech National Ballet
(director: Petr Zuska) in Prague and the ballet company of the State Theatre Saarbrücken
(director: Stijn Cellis) in Saarbrücken / Germany and the Conservatory Carmen Amaya in
He looks after several ballets of the well-known choreographers Marco Goecke and Uwe
Scholz and has been staging their ballets.

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