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New world premiere "I love you, ghosts" by Marco Goecke for NDT 1

Foto: Rahi Rezvani for NDT1

It is Marco Goecke's eleventh creation for the Nederlands Dans Theater, but the first in the recently opened Amare. There is a new smell in the huge building, heavy doors connect the countless rooms with the long corridors, and construction pits are still being filled in here and there. Impressed, you look into the light-flooded studios on the 2nd floor and of course, at the same moment, you remember the old rehearsal rooms in the Lucent Dans Theatre, the familiar dark Studio 5 in the basement that had no windows, the many impressions that remain even after the demolition. What may have happened to the good house spirits? Have they also moved to the new building? Nine dancers go in search of them with Marco Goecke. “Try to remember”, sings Harry Belafonte. The dancers move to this song at a rapid pace, using Goecke's language of movement to track down not only the dark and unknown, but also many memories: familiar gestures that are evoked from earlier spaces and earlier pieces, like protective ghosts.
One dancer brings another one to the front of the room, carefully grasps her wrists. “Somebody plays you,” Goecke says to her in a rehearsal. And later to another dancer: “It's a bit like what is said in Das Geisterhaus: 'Don't touch her, she's dead'”. Like when Goecke conjures up ghosts. And when the dancers whisper something that sounds like “I love you…”, you are no longer sure whether they are quoting the phrase “I love you so” from Belafonte's Danny Boy or whether they are saying “I love you, ghosts” in order to connect with the invisible.
Nadja Kadel

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Marco Goecke receives the prestigious Jiří Kylián Ring - Holland Dance Festival has officially begun

In the presence of Their Royal Highnesses Princess Beatrix, Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, the Jiří Kylián Ring was awarded for the eighth time at the opening of the eighteenth edition of the Holland Dance Festival.
German choreographer Marco Goecke received the prestigious Jiří Kylián Ring from the 2020 winner: Marian Sarstädt. She received the ring for her important work for the Dutch dance world.

The Jiři Kylián Ring is a joint initiative of former director of Nederlandse Dansdagen Leontien Wiering and Artistic Director of the Holland Dance Festival Samuel Wuersten. The Ring was established in 2006 out of admiration for Kylián's mastery. Jiři Kylián was asked to pass the Ring on in due course to an artist who, like him, is an inspirer and innovator within the world of dance.
The design of the Ring is by Hans Appenzeller and consists of a set of 14 rings, one ring for each letter of the price. The rings are on a ring size stick and are increasing in size. The person who receives it may choose a matching ring and keep it when he or she passes on the prize. The winner will also receive a financial incentive of five thousand euros from the Kylián Foundation.

Foto: Nadja Kadel

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Uwe Scholz' choreographies live in Tokyo!

After eight cancelled projects by Uwe Scholz this season I am overjoyed to announce that the LIVE premiere of "Uwe Scholz Selection 2" with the choreographies "Air!", "Octet" and "Adam and Eve Pas de Deux" took place in TOKYO on January 23rd and 24th 2021.
1000 thanks to the great ballet masters Giovanni Di Palma and Kiyoko Kimura, who rehearsed more than 9 weeks with the dancers of Tokyo City Ballet, many thanks also to the director of Tokyo City Ballet, Etsuko Adachi Ichikawa, to Peter Lutz and last but not least to the German Embassy in Tokyo, who took over the patronage for this project!

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